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As we all know that many students from all over the world use to come to Australia to pursue their higher education. If you want to study In Australia, and you don’t know which courses to start, then these PR List courses in Australia in 2022 & 2023 will provide you with a clear glance of where to start.


As Australia has a very strong economy, the education system is also one of the main reasons and Australia has a very beautiful study environment. Many International students come to Australia to have a better future. and the most beneficial part is you can also get a high-paying job in Australia after pursuing the PR list courses in Australia in 2022 and 2023.

What Are PR Courses In Australia In 2022 & 2023

PR courses are very popular across Australia. migrants from all over the world want to live a luxurious life in Australia and want to get high-paying jobs, but they don’t know how to start So, basically, PR Courses are for them. PR stands for “Permanent Residence”.

Let me clarify for you, permanent Residence courses are not the identification for you to live in Australia but you can say a kind of residential status to live in Australia. These PR list courses in Australia in 2022 include the high-demanded courses which can bring you permanent Jobs to live in.

So, you can enjoy living In Australia and have your Job by doing these courses. You will receive all the benefits all Australians get. But there are certain limitations but these minor facts will not affect you in Australia for sure.

Do You Really Need To Get PR list courses in Australia in 2022 &2023?

These courses have benefits for sure. where international students get one of the ways to stay in Australia as permanent residents with a healthy lifestyle. As Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world, so it is one of the most preferred options for you to live in Australia.

these Permanent Courses will be the entrance gate for you to have your citizens in Australia. Because Australia provides citizenship to migrants only if they live in Australia for at least 5 years as permanent Residence. Don’t worry about your parents too, you can also sponsor them once you will become citizens of Australia.

You may complete the graduation or post-graduation from any University or from any college in Australia, and if you want to get a job and settle in the country, then you can do this through the PR courses.

Your Post-work VISA will be issued and you are good to go. Australia is one of those countries that give chances to International students to show their talent in its own country.

Is There Any Advantage Of Taking PR List Courses In Australia in 2022

When It comes to Australia, has a very Good Educational System, and also because of its strong economic rate, the jobs are very high-paying. and people dream to live in Australia and enjoy the atmosphere of the country. and believe me, PR List courses will fulfill your dream very easily.

Healthcare Benefits:

When your PR will be granted, then you will be treated as a Permanent Resident with few limitations. But not the limitation in the healthcare facilities, as you will be taking off all the healthcare advantages a normal Australian would take, Like treatment in hospitals at a lesser price and free check-ups and all.

Credit Score:

As you are living in a country like Australia, thus your Credit score will automatically increase. you will get loans like home loans, car loans, and other loans very easily.

Working Regulations:

As we all know that Australia doesn’t have any working hour limitation for citizens, and for permanent Residence. So, you can work as much as you can.

PR List Courses In Australia In 2022

First, we have to know what type of VISAs we can get for the PR Courses. so, there are two kinds of VISAs for the PR courses. The first one is the Skilled VISA which includes SUBCLASS 189, 192, and 491. Another one is Employer Sponsored VISA which includes Sub-class 482, 186, and 491.

Although there are a lot of PR list courses in Australia in 2022 and 2023 I will mention those PR courses which are very popular across entire Australia with higher chances.

Motor Machanic Trade Courses:

Trade courses have a better opportunity to get PR in Australia. Especially, Automobiles, mechanics, and electricians are among those fields which are enlisted at the Eligibility Criteria to get the PR in Australia.

Let’s look for those occupations which are in the Automobiles category, first one is Automotive Electrition, then Motor Machanic, diesel Motor Mechanic.

Health and Welfare Support Worker:

Second On our list is Health and Welfare Support Workers. So, as we know that Health industry is one of the fastest industries in the world. And during the Covid and post covid period, and events in the future period, this profession will be in huge demand. Australia wants to hire health and welfare support workers as they know the importance of it. Health and Welfare Support workers have two different occupations. Either you can go be a community worker, or you can be a disability Support Officer.

I have seen a lot of students who just did the course related to Child Care, Age care, and disability care, and they joined a child or disability center. and they really make a very good amount of dollars by doing the work. the duration of the course is 2 to 3 months. You just have to pay your course fees and complete the course.

Believe it or not, you can make $30-$35 for an hour if you are a beginner. The number will start increasing with your experience.

Teaching And Education Courses:

PR list courses in Australia in 2022

Teaching also has a great PR opportunity in Australia. If you are a teacher in your own country, and you want to maintain your profession in the Australian Culture by becoming a primary school teacher or a high school teacher, then you can do it for sure.

But obviously, it has some criteria. because Teaching is a profession of social responsibilities. The learning of the children depends on the teaching skill. So, yeah You will have to fill in these below requirements If you want to become a teacher in Australia.


A. You have to have prior experience in teaching in your own country.

B. You have to complete 4 years of Masters’s from your University.

C. You must have 7 Bands in Reading and writing and 8 bands will be required in listening and Speaking.

Social Work:

Social work is also a profession that is very popular and easy to get PR in Australia. You can go with a Bachelor of Social Work or a Masters Of Social Work. If you are eligible, then you can easily get your PR in Australia. But obviously, this profession also has its own eligibility criteria. If you can successfully complete it, then you are good to go.


A. You have to score 7 in reading, writing, listening, and speaking as well.

B. You have to qualify from specific streams in the bachelor’s course.

Engineering Professionals:

PR list courses in Australia in 2022

If you are an engineer, or you want to become an engineer by studying in Australia, then it will be the best option for you. Believe it or not, Australia has high demands of Engineers and in many engineering streams, you will get PR also.

First is Civil Engineering. Australia respects civil engineers and civil engineers have very high demand in Australia this will make you a really good package of CTC for you if you work in Australia.

Other than that, you can go with chemical Engineering, petroleum Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. These five have great value in Australia but Civil and Mechanical Engineers are at the top.

You can get PR very easily. Simply, you will have to do your admission to any university in Australia. Then, you can get 3 year of Work VISA for this. Besides this, you will have to do your job in the same profession. That’s it, you will get your PR very easily after the period.

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