3 Best High-Interest Cash ETFs That You Can Look For In Australia






This article will give you a clear overview of high-interest cash ETFs in the Australian Share market. I will be helping you to guide what kind of high-interest cash ETFs you can become profitable in the vast world of the Share Market.

What Is ETF?

If you came to this article by searching on Google, then I am pretty sure that you have the basics and advanced kind of knowledge about ETFs. Although just to give you a very genuine overview, ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) usually invests in your deposit. Deposit like in your security in a form of interest rate.

ETF is like when you invest into it, you certainly get access to be paid interest on a monthly basis.

Just to give you the insight process, suppose you buy some shares of ETF in exchange for money. Then, what ETF will do is it will invest your money in the banks and will give you higher interest rates. At least, much better interest than what the bank will provide in case you deposit in the bank. This is one of the reasons for your investment in ETF.


Main Difference Between Bank and ETF interest

Well, the point is very simple. All the investors across the globe who use to invest have a simple motive. Just for the higher returns. Which we call, ROI ( Return On Investment).

Bank provides lesser interest as compared to ETF. There are not any guidelines on the amount of money you are depositing.

Also, there is a lot of benefits. There are no limitations on the number of transactions. So you can easily get your interest for the contracted months.

3 Best High-Interest Cash ETFs

As I have given an overall overview of ETFs, SO now I will give you the 3 best high-interest cash ETF s listed on the ASX market.

Beta Shares High Australian High-Interest Cash, ishares core cash ETF, and ishares enhanced Cash ETF. These are the three best cash ETFs which according to my is the most profitable ETFs.

Yeah, there are many more although. Many more have gone out also, and many more will not sustain in the future as per the prediction. But these three will last long and will make you profit.

So, in this article, I will be sharing with you the ideas and which ETF you will definitely have to buy and also the verdict on how to buy and sell it.

We will be talking about the valuation, liquidity, margins, and cost management part also.

Valuation of best High-Interest Cash ETFs

Among these three best Cash ETFs, Cash ETF is standing at the highest position in terms of market valuation at 1.9 billion dollars. Rest are standing at a pretty decent valuation. But not negligible. All of these beta shares offer a higher amount of interest rate and these are growing day by day. So, this is a sub-part where we have talked about the valuation margin of the best high-interest cash ETFs. Lets’s talk about the liquidity part.

Liquidity of best HIgh-Interest Cash ETFs

So, in terms of liquidity as per the facts, we can easily understand that these high-interest cash ETFs are very easy to get in with and also very easily out the cash and make a profit. As you mark the overall valuation, we can easily assume that these beta shares are making 18-20 billion dollars on a daily basis with a high amount of margin. The rest of ETFs as their valuations are low, usually make less like in millions, maybe in a few million. Depending on the ETF shares.

Cost Management Of Best High-Interest Cash ETFs

The management fees of these beta shares are under 10 basis points per year which is pretty impressive with the lower at 7 basis points per year. Beta share products are actually more expensive of the three at the 18 basis points.

And when you account for slippage which is obviously crossing the buy-sell spread when you buy it from the ASX market. Their cost range from 0.1 percent per year or 10 points to 0.2 percent per year or 20 points.

So for me, it is not that much of a difference. It is just cash that will not give you the return in the first place. Obviously, fees are important. Beta shares management usually charges more at the marketplace.


If we calculate or observe the records of the past 4 to 5 years, then we can easily say that these past years are not the best in terms of performance for the cash ETFs. as ETFs have provided 1 percent of interest shares on an average during that mentioned period.

As we all know that interest rates are not always the same. It inflates every time. The numbers may go up. sometimes it goes down. But In the end, It maintains within certain positions. The reason why the inflation happened was because of lockdowns all over the Globe.

High-Interest Cash ETF

But according to the past record, we can easily say that beta shares have given better interest rates as compared to the other ETFs. As it will return you higher amount of interest rates for a limited period of time.

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