6 Essential Steps For Buying A House In Australia As A Foreigner ( Things You Need To Know)


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Almost everyone who lives in Australia as a migrant/ foreigner or wants to shift to Australia wants to buy a house. Sometimes, they have to face so much of problems because they don’t know the exact procedure, or sometimes., they don’t have any contact information, or the right strategy to execute. Here, I will be sharing Important Tips for Buying A House In Australia As a Foreigner in 2023 or even in the future year also. So that you never come out of your dreams.

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Guide For Buying A House In Australia As A Foreigner

It becomes really confusing when you want to buy a house in Australia as a foreigner but you don’t have any plans, the right info, or the correct guide so that it becomes more beneficial for you while you are buying your dream house. Don’t worry, Your vision will be clear after watching this article, and I am very much sure that you will end up buying your dream house for a very good deal. So, Let’s Start.

Responses You Should Keep In Mind While You Are Buying A House In Australia As A Foreigner:

  1. Determine your budget and get pre-approved for your home. So that, there will be no delay if you get the correct deal.
  2. Let’s take a look at the property markets so that you have an idea of the current prices of the properties where you are interested to buy your property.
  3. Consider the location of the property and the surroundings like if there are schools, shops, and easy transportation available in the area.
  4. Continue inspections from your end to determine the possible defects or issues with the property.
  5. Connect with trusted and reputed real estate agents to ensure that you will get the best value-for-money property at a fair price.
  6. Take your time and make a layout of what kind of house or apartment you need, and what are your actual requirements.
  7. Whether the offer price suits your budget, you should negotiate with the dealer in order to decrease the value ( Make sure, your offer value is realistic). In 90% of cases, dealers will accept your price.
  8. Don’t forget to know the additional /Hidden costs for the property. Such as Legal fees, Inspection costs, Stump duty, etc.
  9. Make sure to read the full sale contract paper before signing. If you don’t have time, then just hire a lawyer who can understand and will make you explain.
  10. Please make sure to check all the legal documents related to the property before purchasing. It may be some extra days, but after all, it is your money. So, Invest it only in the right way.
  11. Make an estimate calculation for the property, such as Mortgage payments, Maintenance, and repairs. So that you have the idea.
  12. Research the Tax Implications of owning a property In Australia, including capital gains tax and Negative gearing.
  13. Keep in mind that when the interest rate on your house increases, then it will also affect your mortgage payment.
  14. Get advice from Legal financial advisor or mortgage broker. So that they can help you better to make informed decisions about your finances.
  15. Prepare yourself because buying a property in Australia or in any other Tier 1 country is a lengthy process.
  16. Don’t hurry to buy a property without having proper research and due diligence.

Why Invest In Property In Australia

It is obvious that investing in a property in a country like Australia is much more beneficial. Especially, if you are from outside the country and planning to live here for a lifetime. So, specifically, I will mention the exact points about the advantages of buying a house in Australia as a foreigner.

1. Diverse Property Market:

When It comes to investing in Assets, there is one of the most profitable investments in the Australian market is to buy a property. The reason is simple. The deregulated market and the lower interest rate on properties make it a very good choice for investing.

In recent years, the overall prices of Australian property rose by almost 24%. With great opportunities to invest in everything from residential properties to commercial.

2. Favourable Tax Environment:

In Australia, the tax Environment is very favorable for property investors with deductions available for expenses such as Mortgage Interest, repairs, and depreciation.

3. Growth Of Population:

In Australia, The Population is growing especially because people from all over the world comes To Australia for working purpose, education Purpose, etc.

4. Stable Economy:

Australia has a very stable economy with a higher currency rate, diversified culture, and a growing market. Australia has a higher standard of living, and sound legal system, and this is one of the most important reasons to invest in Property.

Types Of Property Foreign Residents Can Buy In Australia:

There are various kinds of properties that a foreign investor can buy in Australia. Such as:

  1. Residential Property: Foreign Investors can buy residential properties like houses, townhouses, and apartments but yeah, It will depend on the approval status of the Foreign Investment Review Board ( FIRB).
  2. Rural Properties: Foreigners can buy rural properties like farms, and ranches, depending on the approval of the FIRB.
Buying A House In Australia As A Foreigner

Strict Rules For Foreign Buyers / Investors:

1. Approval From Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) :

If you are from any side of the World and you want to buy property in Australia, it may be difficult for you. Not much difficult, Although it depends on the status of your Australian VISA. Rather than that, You need approval from Foreign Investment Review Board ( FIRB). You need to have FIRB approval before purchasing a house, It can be anything like a Residential House or any apartment.

FIRB approval is also required if you want to invest in media or in any industry.

2. Limits On Property Purchase:

In Australia, there are also strict rules for purchasing types of property. If you are a non-Residence in the country, then you are not allowed to buy established homes. on the other hand, if you are a temporary resident in Australia, then you are only allowed to buy a single established home for your use. You can’t give rent to others.

3. Taxes and Fees:

Yeah, It is true that the Australian Government charges Taxes and fees if someone buys a property. If you are a foreigner, then the government will charge more charges for taxes and fees as compared to the residential fees. But obviously, the taxes and charges depend on what type of property you are buying. The Percentage rates are not the same in all conditions.

6 Important Tips For Buying A House In Australia As A Foreigner:

Till Now, I have talked about the positive, Negative sides of buying a house in Australia as a foreigner, and the responses you should follow as a foreigner if you are an Investor in properties. Now, I will be sharing 7 important tips for buying a house in Australia as a foreigner. Hope, You will gather so much information. So, Let’s Jump into the points:

An Entire Roadmap:

First of all, Buying a house in Australia as a foreigner is a lengthy process, not just for outsiders but for the residents also. It requires a lot of documentation, approvals, Investigation, Paper validation, and a lot more things you should consider to be part of the process. So, Don’t be fast. As it is a long-term investment, try to go through all the necessary steps.

As I already mentioned earlier, there are a lot more limitations for non-Residents to buy a property in Australia and for temporary residents. So, First, try to be a permanent resident. You can take PR courses in Australia in order to get a permanent residency within 3-5 years.

1. Come into this With proper Strategy:

When It comes to investing a huge amount of money, then you have to research more. To begin with, let’s clear things yourself what kind of property you want to purchase, the location where you want to live, the facilities you have the requirements in your house and in your area and many more things come around.

2. Make Extreme Research on Properties:

Now, You made your plan and now, you are good to go for your research. First, do a search around the area where you want to buy your property. Make a list of the properties that are on sale. Do a Physical inspection, which means going from door to door of the properties and inspecting from your end the condition of the house and all the other aspects. you can also search online for the real estate Property listing websites such as Zillow.

3. Approval Chances for your Home Loan:

You made your own plan for your research, but you will also have to make sure that you will meet the criteria to get the approval for your home loan. To get pre-approval for your home loan, you will have to get in touch with the loan companies that provide home loans. But don’t just depend on a single company.

According to my personal experience, always contact maximum loan-providing companies, so that you have a better chance to get your home loans at comparatively lower interest rates.

4. Inspection Is Mandatory:

As I have already mentioned in the responses section, an inspection of your property is very important before buying it. Check the mortgage expenses, the availability of services in the area, and so on and so forth.

5. Buy Your Dream Property:

Now, Your inspection is done. then, the next step would be to contact real estate agents and tell them your budget for the property. There may be some negotiation but you also have to negotiate up to the limit according to your wealth.

To own a house, you have two options. The first one is to buy a house by contacting the agents. The second one is Auction, where many buyers will be there and the highest called price will be selected and the caller will be the owner.

6. Contracts and Settlements:

You are done with all the steps, now is the time to exchange the contract papers of settlements. So, make sure that you read all the papers thoroughly. If you don’t have time, then hire a financial lawyer. So that he/she can explain the insides.


1. Can I get the approval for PR If I buy A house In Australia?

Ans: No, It doesn’t make any sense if you purchase a house, that will be easier for you to get your permanent Residency. In some states, there are point systems for individuals just to check if the government can approve their residency.
Also, the more days you live in Australia, the higher your chances are there to get the approval.

2. How Much is Expensive to Buy a Property in Australia for an Outsider?

Ans: Seriously, It depends on your budget. But if you are a first-time buyer, then look for a home loan first with 10 – 20 % of the deposit money.
But, what the normal costs are, will increase if you plan to stay in Perth, Melbourne-like cities.
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